What’s a conference without some cool demos? While nearly 40 exhibitors will be on hand to share their latest offering, we have a few special interactive experiences planned for the Exhibit Hall:

Hack the City

Welcome to Cyberville, an interactive 3D model city (based on Tampa!) that illustrates just how much havoc a cyberattack can cause in the physical world. Learn what it takes to defend a city by identifying vulnerabilities, exploiting those vulnerabilities, and watching the results unfold in real time.

  • Shut down the power plant and plunge Cyberville into darkness
  • Watch the water come to a standstill when you hack the treatment plant
  • Drain the fuel from the storage banks on the military base
  • See what happens when manufacturing plant operations are interrupted

Each scenario is tied to a real-world hack or proof-of-concept and uses the same tools the hackers use, so you can see how its done.

Are You Right for a Career in Cybersecurity? Ask Watson®

IBM Watson ® Career Coach is a virtual assistant that aligns career goals with business goals. With each interaction, Watson ® learns your preferences and interests, so it can recommend compatible career paths. Visit the Exhibit Hall to test this innovative AI-powered tool for yourself. Answer questions, ask questions, and see which career path Watson ® recommends for you!