Experts, thought-leaders and cyber specialists from all sectors are invited to share their ideas for session content that will address emerging cybersecurity topics and trends. Florida Cyber Conference 2018 attracts a broad audience, and proposals that take this into consideration will be prioritized. Proposals for presentations, panels, demonstrations, case studies, interactive sessions and other unique learning opportunities are welcome.

About the Audience

Our 2017 conference saw more than 950 registrants, a 26% increase from 2016. The audience breakdown was:

  • Industry 46%
  • Students 22%
  • Academia 16%
  • Military & Government 16%

2018 Session Tracks

The Florida Cyber Conference 2018 seeks a broad range of topical sessions, and it encourages professionals and subject matter experts from all industry sectors to submit proposals. This year’s sessions will be categorized into the four tracks listed below. Suggested topics are listed within each track, although all proposals that address the general track theme will be considered. Proposals that address initiatives, issues, practices, and opportunities unique to the state of Florida are highly encouraged.


  • GDPR: preparation and application
  • Cyberwar and nation-state actors
  • International governance
  • Compliance and ethics
  • Cyberlaw and privacy
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Role/regulation of artificial intelligence
  • Election influence and hacking


  • New vulnerabilities and attacks
  • Emerging trends, e.g. blockchain, IoT, cryptojacking
  • New tools and research
  • Best practices and technical guides

Human Aspects

  • Social engineering
  • Training, education, and awareness
  • Social harms
  • Cyber intelligence
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Social-scientific approaches
  • Cybercriminology


  • Diversity in cybersecurity
  • Partnership across industry sectors
    (government, academia, industry)
  • Opportunities for partnerships
  • Workforce development
  • Mentorship

Selection Criteria

Each proposal will be reviewed and evaluated by an independent committee and selected based on the relevance of the content, experience and/or expertise of the presenter(s), and the timeliness and focus of the topic.

Requirements & Additional Information

  1. All presenters/panelists must commit to presenting in-person at the October 11, 2018, conference in Tampa.
  2. Presenters my complete the CFS Form in its entirety and submit it by the application deadline
  3. If you have additional documentation or slides to support your submission, please feel free to submit them with the completed CFS Form.
  4. If you wish to distribute copyrighted information in your supplemental resource materials, it is your responsibilities to obtain necessary permissions.
  5. You may submit more than one proposal, but you must complete a separate CFS Form for each proposal.
  6. A total of 60 minutes (including Q&A) will likely be allocated for each session. As conference plans are finalized, we reserve the right to modify the length of sessions.
  7. Commercially/sales-focused or vendor-oriented proposals will not be considered.
  8. This conference attracts a broad audience; proposals that take this into consideration will be given priority.

Important Dates

  • May 14: Proposal submissions must be submitted by 5:00 PM for consideration.
  • June 11: All applicants will be notified of proposal status
  • July 9: Speaker Confirmation Forms must be completed and returned to FC2
  • September 24: Final presentations due to FC2
  • October 10–11: Florida Cyber Conference 2018 will be held at the Tampa Convention Center

Next Steps

Please complete and submit the Call for Speakers form below. For inquiries, please email

Please list your title as well as any relevant academic (Ph.D.) or industry credentials.
Please select the content track that best fits your topic.
Please write a brief paragraph (50-60 words) describing your session that can be used for marketing purposes.
Please describe the audience members that would be interested in this session, e.g. CISOs, project managers, C-suite executives, researchers, students.
Please share a complete description of the proposed session, including session objectives, key takeaways, value for attendees, etc.
Maximum 250 words, please.
If you are providing additional documentation to support your proposal, please explain the documents here. If you are proposing a panel session, please identify panel participants.
Upload any supporting documents here.
Please describe any special equipment or other needs.
Please provide any additional comments or information you would like the reviewers to consider when evaluating your proposal.