GOVERNANCE TRACK | Oct. 11 • 12:15 pm • Room  20–21

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Bridging the Skills Gap: An Examination of Competencies Needed for Cybersecurity Professionals

Gena Cox, IBM Talent Management Solutions

It is estimated that almost 2 million Cyber positions will be unfulfilled by 2022. This is largely due to a skills gap for the necessary technical skills needed for these roles. This optional lunchtime session focuses on the identification of other areas outside of technical skills (e.g., competencies and aptitudes) that are appropriate for a number of cyber roles. Explore how to identify the behavioral competencies needed for these roles as well as solutions to help assess them.

Gena Cox has over 20 years consulting, coaching and HR leadership experience in organizational development and transformation, leader development, measuring employee opinions, and assessing and selecting employees. Her experience spans many industries including: financial services, life sciences, pharma, technology, higher education, and utilities.

Gena co-authored the IBM white paper, Getting LGBT+ inclusion right in employee surveys. She also has strong multicultural competency, derived from her work with global clients and from living and working in the United States, UK, Canada and the Caribbean.