PRACTITIONER TRACK | Oct. 11 • 4:00 pm • Room 16–17

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Insecurities in IoT

Shane Hartman, CISSP, Incident Response Consultant, RSA and CIO, SpecterLabs

Today, devices known as the Internet of Things are greater in number than people on the planet. These devices support multiple forms of connectivity, communication, and data storage. Issues of trust, privacy, and security are central issue to IoT, and awareness of these issues is central to keeping people and companies secure.

In this session we’ll cover

  • What IoT means
  • How these devices work, communicate, and are controlled
  • Known vulnerabilities and exploits

Key takeaways include

  • How to detect these device
  • How to protect yourself and your network
  • What the industry / engineers can do

About Shane Hartman

Shane Hartman CISSP, is an Incident Response Consultant for RSA, where he assesses threats and proposes solutions to client security needs. He also teaches security courses at the University of South Florida and is the CIO of SpecterLabs, a research and consulting organization focused on computer security technology and information sharing through public presentations and training. 

He has been in the IT field for over 20 years, covering a wide variety of areas, including network engineering, programming, and security. He earned a master’s degree in digital forensics from the University of Central Florida and is co-author of the book Android Malware and Analysis.