EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES TRACK | Oct. 11 • 2:45 pm • Room 16–17

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The New Security Frontier: Threat Hunting, Augmented Intelligence & Automated Response

Michael Melore, Cybersecurity Advisor, IBM

New methods are required to address threats increasing in frequency, sophistication, and impact in an increasing climate of cost constraints and resource and skills shortages. Traditional security controls and response can’t possibly keep pace. Private and state-sponsored dark web actors are well orchestrated, using innovative AI technologies, leveraging digital currencies—their R&D producing wares designed to circumvent traditional security practices have changed the game. You now require innovative security approaches.The art of effective threat hunting, advanced analytics, incident response, and the value of cognitive security are the new frontier. Learn how to determine threats before your fences are tested, investigate non-obvious related offenses, obtain near-real-time insight, and effectively trigger incident response as a single strategy.

About Michael Melore

Michael Melore is an IBM Cybersecurity Advisor, author, and recognized subject matter expert in identity access governance, access and authorization architectures, and security intelligence. He has served as the lead architect for many of the largest authentication and authorization infrastructures, including two separate billion-user authentication infrastructures. Michael is known for leading passionate discussions correlating blended threats across physical and logical infrastructure boundaries, security intelligence and response, identity access management and governance, security visibility and response, defense in depth, security immune system, cloud security, and billion-user identity crisis. He has presented at Executive Alliance CXO Summits, Executive Network CISO Chapter Meetings, and Evanta CISO Summits across the US as well as ISACA Pittsburgh Information Security Awareness Day, Nebraska Cyber Security Conference, Montgomery County Community College, and South Eastern PA Higher Education Executives Round table. Follow Michael on Twitter at twitter.com/MichaelMelore and LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/melore.