EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES TRACK | Oct. 11 • 11:00 am • Room 16–17

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The Dawn of the Internet of Value

Steven Lubka, Private Blockchain Consultant

Join blockchain expert Steven Lubka as he builds a framework for understanding the fundamental value of what cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have brought to the digital landscape. The creation of Bitcoin was the birth of the first truly scarce digital asset, something which was previously impossible due to the ease at which computer data is copied and replicated. Mr. Lubka will explore what it means to be able to create true digital assets which can actually possess tangible value as real-world assets do.

About Steven Lubka

Steven is an expert in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. He has worked as an advisor to venture capital firms, actively traded cryptocurrency projects, and private blockchain startups. Steven believes that cryptocurrencies represent the early stages of a wave of technological innovation that has the potential to reshape our virtual world. Most of the information shared regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain lacks a fundamental understanding of what the potential of this technology is and isn’t. Steven aims to share a balanced perspective that cuts through the hype and explains why this technology matters in a manner that is accessible even if you have no previous knowledge of cryptocurrency.